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Courtnee R. Morris

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Courtnee R. Morris is no different than a lot of people out in the world.  He loves to doodle, draw, and tell stories.  He did this while growing up in Dunkirk, OH.  He started telling stories to his brothers before they went to bed and continued through high school.  He went to college to major in Art Education, but had a change of heart and ended up with a degree in Child Development. He still minored in Art and never lost his love for it, but now he had two things that were important to him, art and children. He went on to teach preschool and while in the classroom he found himself coming up with stories all the time to tell to his students. It didn't occur to him that these stories were any good until his students started requesting them instead of the other books in his class.  This is when he started writing down his stories and published his first book Chloee McGue has lost her Shoes back in 2013.  Courtnee is now the administrator at a comprehensive high school.  He lives in Bluffton, Ohio with his wife Megan, daughter Siren, and their 5 pets Boz(dog), Nemesis (cat), Citi (cat) Nissa (cat), and Zuko (cat). He wishes you the greatest of days and thanks you for stopping by.

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Rick A. Mack

Hello, and welcome!  My name is Rick Mack and I LOVE to draw.  I have doodled my way through everything from napkins to books and even the occasional sketch pad.  I eventually found myself sketching my way into an Art Education degree from Bluffton University.  I am all about art and kids, and children’s books seem like the right way to go.  I was blessed to get the chance to work with Courtnee on our first project Chloee McGue has lost her shoes. It is such a wonderful experience to watch a child’s eyes light up when they read a truly great book like this one. Please explore some of our other books and make sure you check out our new one Milton McCloud is Never Allowed! Thanks again for stopping by.

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